This activity can be used as a part of a group selection process to assess understanding of the job and to observe teamwork and personality styles.


We are a staff of Resident Assistants in a building housing approximately 80 residents.  About 5% of these students are upperclass students, 10% are transfer students and the rest are freshman.  Most of the residents are female.

Your job as a staff is to design a theme for your residence hall.  This theme will be incorporated into programs throughout the year, as well as bulletin boards and door decorations.  After you come to a consensus as a group regarding your area theme, your next task will be to design one Area Program as a staff that will introduce the theme to your residents.  You are allotted a budget limit of $200.00 for your Area Program.  While designing your program, you must come up with a creative name, decide how you will go about publicizing your program, set a date, make a list of supplies and delegate each task to a group member.

Remember, your building theme should be geared towards building a comfortable environment for a diverse community, where residents are encouraged to interact with each other. In addition, your Area Program should be designed around one of the aspects of the Wellness Model (Cultural, Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Life Planning, Physical, Political, Sexual, Social, and Spiritual).  Your program must be educational in nature.  Stay away from parties and pizza.



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