We invited residents to come to our lounge to read poetry: theirs or just poems they felt connected to. Poetry is such a great way to express yourself, and you don’t even have to be a poet to enjoy it! So all our residents had a fab time. We turned off the lights in the lounge and put one spotlight up so that the reader could see their poem and then just let them go at it. Colored lights are fun for this purpose because it makes the program feel funkier! It was a really great way for us to connect.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Spotlight or other colored lights

Other Considerations:

Be sure to let your residents know that they don’t have to read something they wrote. A lot of our residents were worried because either their poetry was very private, or they thought the program wasn’t for them because they didn’t write poetry. But we tried to make it fun for everyone.

Name: Sara
School: University of California at Davis

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