India is a land of cultures and traditions. These traditions and cultures are still alive in the 21st century because of the treasure of festivals that are celebrated in this country all over the year. The population of India is diverse , there are south Indian’s , Guajarati’s , Marathi’s , Bihari’s , assamese , and many more but what binds them together is a garland of festivals woven together, celebrated by each and everyone . There are hundreds of festivals to celebrate and among all those is a festival which is celebrated by everyone , rich or poor , younger or older , this festival has no distinction or inequality and this is the beautiful festival of colors or popularly known as “holi” which is celebrated in the month of phalgun (February-march) .


Holi is not only celebrated in all the parts of India but it spreads its colors all around the globe. People in areas like Trinidad and Tobago , Guyana , Fiji , Pakistan , Mauritius and Suriname also celebrate holi with equal enthusiasm as it is celebrated in India .

‘Holi’ comes from the word ‘hola’ which means sacrifice. And the festival is a reminder that we must live our lives in a spirit of service and sacrifice .Holi symbolizes victory of our higher aspirations over our lower, base desires. It is the burning of our petty, material desires at the altar of our goal of self-development. It stands for the victory of good over evil, a theme that runs through every Indian festival. For it is impossible that those who live their lives by truth will ever be overcome by the corrupt. Another important aspect of Holi is its joy and fun.

So forget all your sorrows , lay aside the huge heap of files along with stress and give in to the celebrations of this joyous festival because “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”. You may also send Happy Holi Images 2015 to your friends.

Happy Holi Images

happy holi pictures

Happy Holi Pictures 2015


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