Buy a cheap disposable camera (preferably one with a flash) or use a Polaroid and take pictures of each of your residents. Using glue, two-sided tape, or anything else you can think of, place the developed picture on a construction paper background. Since the picture won’t be as big as the paper, use the remaining space to write the residents’ names. It’s a great way to associate your residents’ names and faces.
If you want to save film, time, and money, have all the residents of each room pose together for their picture. That way you only have to make one tag for all the occupants of the room.

Instructions/Things Needed:

– Disposable camera (with flash works best) or a Polaroid camera and film
– Construction paper
– Markers
– A few bucks to have the pictures developed
– If you have access to the proper equipment (a camera with manual settings and film), black and white photos are really artsy and cool looking, and it’s even cheaper if you can develop the pictures yourself!

Other Considerations:

It can be tough to catch all the occupants of a room in the same place at the same time. The best time to take the pictures is in the middle of the week from afternoon to early evening. This can also be a rather expensive program, especially if you have lots of residents and are using a Polaroid (ten bucks for ten or so pictures), so plan wisely.
Name: Bob Ell
School: Truman State University

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