I covered my bulletin board completely with alcohol ads and left it up for a week. My residents were thinking it was cool, until I finished it by putting up a banner above it that said "One Last Drink" and covered the bulletin board (keeping the alcohol ads in the background" with the names of college students who had died in the last 3 years from an alcohol-related death. The names were in large, bold black print, so they could be seen easily. The black and white names against the ads in the background looked very unnerving. (which is the whole point of it!)

Instructions/Things Needed:

lots of different alcohol ads, and a list of students who have died. The web page I used was ( stapler, printer or paper, and all that other good stuff.

Other Considerations:

I think you could also add extra info on how to know if you have alcohol poisoning, what to do if someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning, and some tips on drinking smart. Name: Melissa Cooper
School: Southwest Texas State University
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