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Contents of this October Planning Page:

Issues Students May Face In the Month of October As you plan your programs, keep in mind that there are “seasonal student issues” that you can program around. Keep these in mind as you determine what programs to offer. These may also help you identify issues your residents might be going through. October

  • Academic stress from mid-terms builds with the great demand for studying and preparation. For some students this may be their first exam of the semester. For many, the mid-term workload pressures are followed by feelings of failure and loss of self-esteem.
  • Roommate problems continue, but they are smaller in scope than previous months.
  • Values exploration continuing, especially in the area of sexuality.
  • Dating/non-dating/friendship anxieties extremely high. Non-dating students feel a sense of loss of esteem because so much value is placed upon dating. For women who do date, the pressure to perform sexually increases and consequently increases feelings of rejection, loneliness and guilt and in some instances leads to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Homesickness may be still felt by a number of students.
  • Job panic for mid-year graduates starts with the onset of resume preparation and interviewing.
  • Students decide to withdraw from school because they either realize that college is not the place for them, they return home for personal reasons or they transfer to another school.
  • Grief from not being part of a group develops because of inadequate skills for finding a group, or from not being selected by one. Financial strain sets in from lack of budgeting experience.
  • Homecoming blues develop because of no date for social affairs, and/or lack of ability/opportunity to participate in activities.
  • Graduate school syndrome starts to emerge from graduating seniors. Signing up for graduate school exams, wondering if you will be accepted, wondering which school to apply to and questioning whether graduate school is the right thing to do.
  • Time conflicts between academic and social expectation emerges.
  • Signing up for classes involves starting to think about he following semester
  • Adjusting to new study habits includes not just being able to study the way they did in high school. More time and greater workload needs to be incorporated into their schedule for studying.
  • Disenchantment with school – low reward level because student begins to realize that life at college is not as perfect as they were led to believe by parents, teachers and counselors. Old problems seem to continue and new ones are added. An external reality they had put heir hopes in has failed them.

Program Ideas & Links Based on the above issues, here are some ideas for programming, some of which are linked to programs on the site.

Halloween Programs:

Academic Success

Wellness & Personal Development

Interviewing skills, resume preparation, job search strategies

Relationships and Sexuality

Highlight Diversity!

  • Minority awareness
  • Individual differences workshop.
  • Gay and Lesbian History Month Bulletin Board
  • Coming Out Day Program
  • Tons more ideas in Human Awareness Programming

Roommate communication and conflict management

Community and team building, campus or community service projects.

  • Check out all of the community service programs at Residentassistant.com/ra

Connect people!

  • Alternative homecoming activity or dance, loneliness seminar, attending football games, campus activities as a floor

Grad school application workshop, GRE prep, MCAT prep   Useful Articles and Resources Beating the Senior RA Slump This is a great article with some tips to keep you motivated as the semester progresses. Use the forums! – This is a great way for you to interact with other RAs and Professionals all over the world! Be sure to search before you ask a question to see if there is already a thread with that topic.

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