Each RA’s room will become a different cultural entity. For instance
The 3rd floor Ra’s may become rooms of European Nations. Each RA’s room will represent 1 or more nations within the European Continent. There will be food / music / art / other cultural aspects of each nation/culture. The residents that are participating will circulate through the floors/Rooms and even buildings in some cases depending on what or where the RA’s rooms are. Its fun, diverse, and involves food, which always attracts residents of all ages and classes!! Try it!! You can change and modify it to your individual needs.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Rooms/Area/s to decorate
Nations/Cultures to involve
Food from that nation/culture
Residents to input cultures/food ideas/decorations

Other Considerations:

Number of RA’s/Rooms
Floor Plan in buildings
Money involvement
Type of residents in building
Name: Rich
School: Niagara University


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