Description: Encourage academics on your floor! Mom’s Fridge is a way to promote good grades and for people to show off a bit too. Make a large fridge on white roll paper, ( i like the old fashion simple freezer on top rounded off fridges…) and label it moms fridge. Make some sort of ‘magnet’, and a bunch of them! When a resident gets an ‘A’ on a paper, project, test, quiz… have them show you and you will put a magnet on the fridge with their name and room number. Whoever has the most magnets on the fridge at the end of the program( run it for like 2 or 3 weeks) can win a prize, or if the floor covers the whole fridge then throw som sort of party ( pizza, cookout…)

Instructions: Post flyers about the program a week in advance. When program starts, put up your frigde and let the game begin! Keep a self record of those on the fridge and a tally incase you may have a sore loser who would cheat and pull other’s magnets off.

Other Considerations: Talk it up! Make it a big deal, and really make sure you take interest in what they are getting A’s in! Academics are so important, and it is nice to be recognized…

Jess S
University of Wisconsin Whitewater

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