This program was adapted from one that was run at University of
Pennstate Berks Campus. We take glow in the dark materials, such as
glow paint (if you don’t have glow paint laundry detergent works too!)
and black-light sensitive stuff and set it up on and around a sand
volleyball court. You can coat the net and ball in paint and ask the
residents to wear white. Borrow your residents black lights and set them
up around the court so that they shine up on the net. You need a lot of
black lights. The more the better! Set them up close enough so that the
light hits the net but far enough away so that they won’t get stepped on
or hit by the ball. This is best run in the spring or early fall-
otherwise it is really cold! Have music and score keeping (highlighter
on big paper works great!). Have glow jewelry and prizes that glow,

Christy Haxton
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