Description: The program’s goal is to teach residents that they are able to cook, even without a kitchen. Also to bring residents together, food tends to help residents open up and feel more comfortable with each other, helping promoting citizenship in the resident halls.

The program teaches how a microwave works and cooking with it as well as safety. I made three items including: Cornbread Eggs Benedict, Chicken Curry, Brownies. Instructions: refer to attached handouts(microwave recipes )

Other Considerations: The eggs benedict turned out pretty good, you can only make so many at a time and so not everyone gets to eat them at the same time.

The chicken curry turned out better then i expected. i also made rice to go with it, but i used a rice cooker for that. the best part of the program was the brownies, it was warm, very moist and full of chocolate. you might want to consider offering ice cream as well.

I barrowed serval microwaves from the residents to help make cooking easier and faster. dont use the plastic container for the curry, the oil will melt it, use a glass container basic material that you will need aside from ingrerdients:

Microwave safe Plastic Containers such as Glad Ware

Microwave Safe Bake Dish such as Prex

Non-Stick Spray

Various Spices including basic salt and pepper

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Cups

Plastic spatula

Paper towels

Anti-Bacteria clean up wipes.

Vay V
San Jose State University
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