I absolutely LOVE the Super Mario Brothers. I am a new RA here @ UMass Amherst, even though I am a senior. I am very artistic and wanted my first bulletin board to be the best bulletin board I ever did, because I knew as the year would drag on, my quality of work would go down. So I made the castle at the end of the original Super Mario Brothers game for Nintendo into a welcome board for my redisents with all their names in it. I even made matching SMB door signs for the semester to go on everyones doors. Everyone has told me how creative it is and how much they like it, and unlike everyone elses boards in the building, not one drunken or misbehaved student has touched anything on it. It was up the entire month!!

door005  door006

door008  door010  door009

Name: Ashley T
School: UMass Amherst

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