This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature.

Programming Ideas for March

Contents of this March Planning Page:

  • Programming around the calendar
  • Student Issues (issues around which to program based on typical seasonal student needs)
  • Program Ideas & Links
  • Useful articles & resources

Issues Students May Face In the Month of March

As you plan your programs, keep in mind that there are “seasonal student issues” that you can program around. Keep these in mind as you determine what programs to offer. These may also help you identify issues your residents might be going through.


  • Mid-semester slouch (academically dangerous)
  • Mid-winter sickness (especially with long, cold winters) accompanied by restlessness toward the upcoming spring break.
  • Roommate conflicts may resurface due to cabin fever, academic pressure and just living together for an extended period.
  • Seniors are anticipating graduation, but worry about jobs
  • Existential crisis for seniors – “Do I have to leave school?” “Is my education worth anything?” “Was my major a mistake?” “What am I really qualified to do?”
  • Finding money for spring break becomes a challenge
  • Increasing thoughts/deliberations about suicide from academic and social expectations
  • Trying to find money for spring break becomes a paramount issue
  • Continued and increased anxiety over search for summer job
  • Students begin worrying about living arrangements for the following year
  • Apartment hunting and roommate selection becomes a concern
  • Mid-terms bring about increased academic anxiety
  • Anxiety following spring break sexual encounters
  • Increased alcohol use with pressure of the end of the school year approaching
  • Summer job hunting starts up soon after spring break
  • Different experiences at spring break can change community dynamics – who can afford to go where, how the trip went, etc..

Programming Ideas

  • Spring break programming
  • Spring break photo display
  • Job hunting seminars
  • Exercise program
  • Post job bulletins
  • Safe sex, STD’s
  • Alcohol/rohypnol (date rape drug) awareness programs relating to spring break
  • Landlord/tenant rights programs
  • Contracts/legal documents program
  • Apartment hunting seminars
  • Skin care programs
  • Travel arrangement seminars


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