Encourage residents to Make S’more Friends – give each suite or room a box filled with either marshmallows, chocolate bars, or graham crackers. Residents have to go meet a few of their neighbors if they want to make a complete s’mores! Residents then microwave s’mores in the kitchen or in their rooms.



  • Mini hershey’s bars, flat square marshmallows, square graham crackers
  • Mini kraft paper gable boxes lined with black tissue paper. Chalkboard stickers to write “Make S’more Friends”. Campfire door tags tied onto box with polka dot ribbon. All supplies in photo  from Hobby Lobby.
  • Printed instructions for the activity (below)

    “Each of the seven suites on this wing has one of the three ingredients needed to make a delicious s’mores dessert. Make s’more friends by asking the other suites on your wing what ingredients they have then get together to microwave and enjoy your treats! Hang your campfire door hanger on your door to symbolize your participation or prop your door to invite others into your space! Remember, we need everyone to participate and share in order for everyone to get all of the ingredients they need! Have fun and enjoy!”

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