Download entire exercise, including facilitator guide, individual and group worksheets: Lost at Sea Worksheets wordicon



  1. To develop consensus building skills within a team.
  2. To examine the benefits of consensus building vs. individual thinking in relation to scenario outcome.

Group Size

4 – 6 individuals per group

Time Required

Approximately 15 – 20 minutes for the individual worksheet and at least 30 minutes for the group worksheet.


  1. A copy of the Individual Worksheet and Group Worksheet for each participant.
  2. A copy of the attached chart (on a flip chart, board, etc.)


  1. Distribute worksheets and have participants complete the individual worksheets.
  2. Divide participants into groups of 4 – 6 and have them complete a group ranking.
  3. Once all groups are finished, calculate the individual and group scores (See Calculating Scores section)
  4. Once the groups are finished, complete the chart to demonstrate the difference between working as a group and working individually. The numbers for the group should be lower than the individual marks. Have people compare their individual scores with their group score.
  5. Facilitate a discussion on consensus and the benefits of group decision making.

Lost at Sea Worksheets wordicon

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