Life Raft (Word Version)

Scene: Imagine that today, a cruise liner is sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. A serious storm has developed. The ship is struck by lightning, an explosion has occurred and the ship is sinking. Now all the survivors have to get into a life raft, which has room and food for only five people. There are ten people in the group; five must be sacrificed in order to save the rest.

Your job is to help the survivors decide who should be allowed to go on the life raft.

Here is a brief profile of each of the survivors:

  • Juan is an award winning elementary educator who was sent by his state education system on this cruise as an award for his work and dedication with inner city children.
  • Lee is a scientist/researcher known to be closely associated with a white supremacist group and is very close to discovering a cure for AIDS.
  • Ruth was on the ship celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband, who is unaccounted for. She has three grown children and ten grandchildren who gave this cruise as an anniversary gift.
  • Paula is a white fifteen-year-old female who has tested intellectually “gifted”. She is on drugs and supports her habit through prostitution. She is on the ship with her pimp.
  • The is losing a tremendous amount of blood. He is the only survivor who has
    Captain the navigational skills to -et the raft to safety.
  • Nancy is a seventy-year-old female US Senator credited with creating and protecting the nation’s first National Health Plan.
  • Robert & are African American. 35-year-old, Robert lost his pregnant wife in the
    Kenny explosion and is now the only parent for 7 year-old-son, Kenny.
  • Kelly was injured in a drunk driving accident at the age of 17. Kelly has been in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down since the accident. Kelly, now 25 was given the cruise as a college graduation gift from family and friends.
  • Bonnie is a mother of 4. Within the last year, Bonnie has received a divorce from her husband of 1 0 years. She is in a complicated custody battle due to her involvement in a relationship with another woman. Her lover was on the cruise with her, but is believed to have drowned.


Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Articulate; express ideas, feelings, and positions clearly; good listening skills

Leadership Skills: Understanding of group dynamics. Ability to work on a team.

Self-confidence/Maturity & Poise: Composed; responds well under pressure; willing to take an unpopular stand; calm

Personality: Friendly; approachable; motivated

Openness: Sincere; honest; open to new ideas and beliefs, which are different from own

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