LISTENING SKILLS DRAWINGS: You will need a piece of paper and a writing utensil for each particpant. You also will need two different diagrams for each pair. Have partners sit back to back and decide who will be the “listener” and who will be the “talker” first. Each will eventually have a chance to play both roles. Give each “talker” a copy of a diagram. The Listener must sketch what they hear described, and in this round 1, is not allowed to speak or ask questions. This pair is using “one-way communication.” There will be 1-2 minutes allotted for this round, or longer if time permits. Partners compare drawings when finished to see how close they came to the original. The second round can begin and partners switch roles, still sitting back to back. The dyad together must try to improve results. In this round 2, the talker gets different diagram, and the listener can speak and ask questions. After the alloted time has passed, partners should compare results again. Then bring the two groups together to talk about the benifits of both types of communication.

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