LINE NAME GAME: This game is a variation of the Motion Name Game. Can be played with group of any size. Best if group has more than 10 members. Game begins with group lining up shoulder to shoulder. One member starts off the game by doing a motion across the line (to the other end of line) and saying his/her name at the same time. The group responds by saying, “Hi ___________!” The game continues as each member goes across to the other end of line. Once that is complete, the group pairs off with person next to them and they do a motion together (and say both of their names) to get to the other end. Group goes in twos until complete. Depending on size of group, individuals then group in fours, sixes, etc…then in half, and then whole. The group works together to pick out a motion and should say each name as they get to other end. Game continues until the whole group is working together. Good game to use to show the power of individuals coming together as a team.

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