Scenario: You are on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when a serious accident has occurred.  The ship is quickly taking on water and there is only one life raft remaining.  Unfortunately, there are several more people than spots on the life raft.  It is up to you and the group to determine which individuals will get the remaining spots on the life raft and which individuals will perish in the Icy waters.

Directions: Everyone will receive a piece of paper that contains an identity on it.  Once everyone has received their identity they will read it out loud to the entire group so everyone is familiar with the different identities.  Each person will also state the reason(s) they feel they should receive a spot on the life raft.  There are only 5 spots on the raft.  The group must determine the 5 people to be saved within the 30-minute timeline or all individuals will suffer a watery grave.  It is totally up to the group to use whatever means chosen to determine who should live and who will die.

Download Life Boat Exercise (MS Word) including character list

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