Click here to download the instructions in MS Word Doc

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the state your resident is from
  3. Choose the style of license plate you like
  4. Press “Make License”
  5. Right Click on the graphic that is created and choose “copy” (continued below)


  1. Open the included license plate template in MS Word
  2. Click on one of the license plates in the template
  3. Choose “paste” in MS Word
  4. Resize to fit


  1. Customize the information (hometown, bday, etc)
  2. Print, cut and paste on colored construction paper


NOTE: Some names will not fit on this template. When that is the case, be CRE8IV or include the first part of the name. The entire name is listed at the top of the doortag.

There are a couple of other links on that page to make custom valentine hearts, labels, and church signs…. lots of room for creativity!

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