Program Title: Be creative! Consider using a currently popular music themed show such as American Idol, The Voice, etc.

Ideas could include . “The (Hall Name) Voice,” “(Your Hall) Idol,” “Say What Karaoke,” or “Karaoke Jam.” Brainstorm and come up with a catchy name.

Description: This is a great program to build community and bring residents together. It can be extremely successful early in the year, but is also a great ongoing program. Simply determine your format, location and date. You can use several variations.

  1. The “American Idol” version: Get judges from in the hall or around campus to judge and eliminate in the style of American Idol” This could be done in one evening, or as an ongoing program.
  2. Say What Karaoke: Based on an old MTV show, you can have contestants choose some of their own music, or you can choose the music for them. You may also want to provide an entertaining “wardrobe” for finalists.
    *Note, either of the above choices may require that you have contestants sign up in advance and bring their own music.
  3. Karaoke Jams: Just have a standard karaoke night. You can choose whether or not to make it any type of competition.

Download a Programming Checklist


  • Determine whether this program is a good fit for the needs and interests of your residents (this can be done through informal polling, observation, or formal surveys). Karaoke is typically a great program, particularly early in the year. It is a good community builder that will draw large numbers.


  • Decide on a date for your event. Talk to your residents and fellow staff to find out what time/day would be ideal. Ideally, you should provide yourself at least 2 weeks for planning and advertising.
  • Determine a location.
  • Locate a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) or a karaoke machine, app, game or software. Search websites such as
  • Get prizes. If your budget allows it, get some prizes. If not, try to get local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Decide on food and drinks. Depending on your budget, decide what you want to serve as refreshments, and make plans to go shopping for them.
  • Make plans for advertising. Start advertising as soon as possible, but use several “waves” of advertising. You may wish to use the sample flyers included with this program. You may also want to use a building email list, banners, door hangers, global voice mail (where available), and as ALWAYS, word of mouth, the most effective advertising format.


  • Arrive early & set up. If you have hired a KJ, ask him or her to come early and set up. Make sure food and drinks are purchased and ready. Do one last wave of “recruitment” by knocking on doors, etc.
  • The “rules” If you are giving away prizes, introduce your judges. (It may be funny to have the “American Idol” format for your judges). Explain what they will be judged on. Explain how requests will work (the KJ will probably have a system, including papers to sign up on, etc). They probably will have a 1 song request at a time limit (you can’t make another request until you’ve been up to sing your previous request), so that there is opportunity for everyone to sing.
  • Have fun! This is a great program. Enjoy it! Get some other staff members (or your RD/HD to get up there! The students will love to see you out of your role as an RA or administrator.)


  • This is a program that you may have requests to repeat. Make sure you provide an opportunity for formal or informal evaluation/suggestions/recommendations for next time you do the program. Find out how they found out about it, what they would recommend for next time, etc.


Simply download, edit on your computer, print them out and copy onto colored paper. It is also recommended that you use other forms of advertising such as door hangers, email, and as always, word of mouth.

 Karaoke Flyer (MS Word)


Karaoke Flyer 2 (MS Word)


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