This would be a life skills program on dealing with Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness.

The program would be called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in the style of the children’s series of books with those titles. The books are about an animal that keeps asking and asking for things, so the main character gives the animal what they ask for. They continue asking for things, and eventually, because the animal has asked for so much, the book ends with a huge mess that the boy must fix.

In the spirit of the books, the event would consist of a lecture on being assertive in different conflict situations. For instance, in a roommate situation, if someone continuously uses the other’s things, there should be an addressing of the problem. Many students don’t know how to properly address a conflict and will resort to arguing. This program will teach students to do otherwise.

After talking about different issues that students may go through while at college, we will give students the opportunity to act out situations that they may encounter. Those that do so will get candy! 

In the spirit of the books, there will be cookies, muffins, pizza, etc. 

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