This was the coolest program that we did all year. Everyone who wanted to participate had to sign up ahead of time. Then they all got an identity like, Joe. School Soccer Player. Has slept with three people. Then each day, they get a mystery phone call telling them what they did the night before. This could range from studying with a friend, to partying and then having a one night stand with someone else who is participating in the program. The program lasts a weeks time, and at the end of the week, there is a gathering of all the participants. Then everyone can see who they ended up sleeping with sometimes it get pretty amusing. The only thing is, before the program starts, a few of the identities are infected with STD’s. Then everyone who slept with them during the week becomes infected too. It’s a great way to let everyone be aware of how quickly these things can spread. At the end everyone got a little packet with informational pamphlets, condoms, and aids ribbons.

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