Q. Balance is tough when you are an RA. Balancing RA responsibilities and school can be tough enough, but when you throw other things into the mix, as many of us do, it makes it even harder. What are some suggestions you have for helping RAs stay balanced?

A. Get involved in a campus or community organization, club, or activity that meets weekly and is just for fun. that way, you have at least an hour scheduled just for yourself each week…and keep in touch with your old friends and do things with them.
UC Davis

A. The most important suggestion for helping an RA to stay balanced is good time management. As an RA you need to prioritize your activities. I know that with most housing departments they always say that academic obligations come first and the RA job comes second. However, this does not mean that an RA can’t have other outside activities. It is important for an RA to have good time management skills to balance school, being an RA, and any other activities that an RA might be involved in. A good way to develope skills in time management is to purchase a daily planner that breaks down each day into hours. This will allow you to list all of your activities for that particular day (i.e. classes, meetings, talking with residents, personal time, exercise, etc.). Most people find that if they plan their day they work more efficiently. The most important benefit of good time management is stress reduction. Again, time management is the key to maintaining balance.
Eric Honeycutt – North Carolina State University
A. I think that, especially for first year RAs, it’s important to take it a bit easy your first semester. I mean, being an RA is a 24/7 job, and it’s hard to merge a whole bunch of other stuff in with classes, duty and desk. Additionally, I think that it’s important to know your priorities, and keep them VERY clear–but also know how to be flexible. Things pop up that need attention, and being able to bend helps a lot. Plus, it’s crucial to know when you need “Me Time” and that if you’re in a really bad mood, it’s not a crime to shut your door for a few minutes and destress.
Amber Benoit – Colorado State University

A. Create prioritized lit, keeping yourself as a top priority. If your needs aren’t met, you can’t meet your academic or co-curricular needs either.
Michael Wilde – Concordia College

A. Organize, organize, organize. I try to color code everything I have to do. One color is all the school things that need to be done. One color represents staff meetings, duties, programs, etc. and the last color represents my thrid life of being a sorority woman.
Leigh Ann Lorusso – University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

A. KEEP A PLANNER! I hated planners, and never started using one until I became an RA. Now I get everything done, and still find enough time in the day to sleep!!! It amazes me!
Jennifer Anderson – Southern Methodist University

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