Name: Kristy
School: University of Washington


April has Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to honor this, two things can be done.
This year, we all gathered and watched Schindler’s List. This is a hard movie to watch, but I guarantee you will have a great discussion. We didn’t even have to work at it, people just started talking. Also, you may be able to find a Holocaust survivor in your area. We had one come two years ago, and he was amazing to listen to. Their stories affect you more than a movie ever could, and our residents really liked the program. These two can also be done in conjunction with one another, with the movie being shown one night and the talk the next.
But, that’s a lot of heavy information in a short time!

Instructions/Things Needed:

Copy of Schindler’s List
Holocaust Survivor

Other Considerations:

May want to have information available if they want to know more. A few years ago, we had someone show up who didn’t believe that the Holocause happened, and he challenged the speaker. Our speaker handled it very well, but you should still be cautious!
Food also helps. We did the program on a Friday night, and had a smaller turnout than I think we would have had on a week night.

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