GROUP JUGGLING: The group starts in a circle formation. The leader of the group will begin with one object in hand (i.e. a small ball). The leader will ask one group member to repeat their name, and then the leader will gently toss the object to that group member. The group member will reply “Thank you, (the leader’s name)!” The leader will reply by saying, “Your welcome, (the individual’s name)!” The object will continue around the circle in the same manner, making sure everyone has received the object, until the object ends up in the hands of the original leader. NOTE: During the first round, once a group member has tossed the object, have them cross their arms to prevent repetition. The same pattern will start again with the leader adding more objects. Once an object has been dropped, the pattern starts all over with the first object. NOTE: The leader should mix up sizes and shapes of objects (i.e. a rubber chicken, toilet paper, etc.)

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