This is best at either the beginning or end of a semester when people are most likely to be thinking about home. The idea is that everyone who is interested contributes a recipe for one of their favorite foods that they look forward to eating once they go back home- a family favorite if you well. The floor comes together to do everything and have a family style dinner. I also used this as a low stress final floor meeting.

Instructions/Things Needed:

I had each of my residents give me $3.50 for the supplies, including food and plates. You definately need a radio and some fun music to make cleaning up and cooking part of the fun. Also, it helps to create a party atmosphere as people are coming in to eat so that people mingle.

Other Considerations:

I would have a sign up sheet for people to help clean up and prepare the food- that way people would be more likely to actually help with the less exciting aspects of the program.


Mills College

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