Residents submit paper turkeys on which they can express their thanks for something or someone and you then post them on a bulletin board or a central place on the hall.

**A fun idea for November**
Before beginning the program, type up a flier that explains the program and distribute it to each resident or each room.

1. Outside your door, or in a central location, hang up envelopes full of paper cut-out turkeys of two different colors. I used red and yellow but any two colors will do. If you don’t have a turkey cut-out, you could use a hand print.

2. Residents can then take one color turkey and write on it something they are thankful for.  They can use the other color to thank someone. Encourage residents to use as many turkeys as they want/need.

3. Once the residents have filled out their turkey(s), have them write
their name on them and give them to you or slide them under your door.

4. You then post the turkeys as you receive them on a hall bulletin board or in a central location on the hall.  Leave up the board/display for the month of November and tell residents they can submit turkeys at any time.

Things needed:
1. Fliers explaining the program. Give one to each resident/room and post a few on the hall.

2. Paper turkeys of two different colors and envelopes to hang them in.

3. A bulletin board or a place to display the turkeys.

Things to consider:
1. Watch out for residents who will post their own turkeys that contain
inappropriate material. Make sure you check the board frequently for this.

2. Encourage all residents to participate! This will become a focal point of the hall and residents will continuously be checking to see what people are thankful for so it’s good to have everyone’s participation.  Residents can learn things about each other that they may not have known and even shy residents can feel comfortable participating.

Submitted by:

Rebecca L
Radford University

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