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I asked one of the women from Career Services to come into our building and give out the career tests that they have available at their office. The students fill out several questionnaires on SCANTRON form about their habits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality, work style, etc . . . and the computer at Career Services gives them a readout of what jobs they might be best suited for, according to research and the carefully formulated tests.

This is a two part program. The students take the tests the first time and then (depending on the schedule of the presenter) come back at a later time to get their results and talk over their career options with the presenter.

Instructions/Things Needed:

There is a minimal cost. We pooled our floor funds and asked for money from our hall RHA and were able to eliminate the personal cost for the students, but each test had a $10 processing fee. This will differ, probably, between career service offices.

Other Considerations:

Be sure to ask the presenter if they need an exact body count ahead of time, and prepare accordingly with sign-up sheets if necessary.

If at all possible, also bring in some sample resumes so the residents can get a feel for what a professional resume looks like. Name: Dani Bishop
School: Montana State University – Billings
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