As finals period was approaching, I listed all the ‘pet peeves’ that my residents had at that time on index cards. These annoyances ranged from University Parking Fines to a dreaded required writing course: Expository writing. I also had residents, ahead of time, list their own personal annoyance on index card. I then taped these index cards on a Piñata filled with candy, treats, toys, and small pamphlets/flyers with useful information pertinent to finals period. I then let the residents hit the piñata. Each person had one try to hit the piñata in order for it to break. Finally, the piñata broke and all the goodies came out for the residents to enjoy.

Instructions Things Needed:

1. Piñata (you can find these at party stores)
2. candy
3. toys (you can find good toys at low prices at 99cents stores
4. campus information that will help residents during finals period- fold them up so it can fit inside the piñata
5. a rope to hold the piñata up
6. a bat to hit the piñata

Other Considerations:

Make sure there is order when the residents hit the piñata. You don’t want anyone to get hurt since there is a bat involved. Also, this is a good opportunity to talk about stress management. After the piñata is broken, you, along with a representative from your school’s mental health office, can talk about different ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner.
Have fun (and take pictures!)

Name: Christopher
School: Rutgers College, Allen Hall

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