Name: Michelle

School:  University of Arizona

Description: These door decs are for the overly creative!  I had an all girls wing and I had decided to go with a Flower Power theme.   I went to Target and bought some all black stationary cut out into the basic five petal flower shape. I also bought finger paint and lots of cottonballs.  The top half of the cotton ball was dipped in paint and when it had dried- glued to the base paper.  Obviously there were about five or six “petals” and one “center”  (different colors of course).  Then I tucked a piece of a green pipe cleaner under the “petals” and glued it to the base paper.  I wrote their names with gel pens of to the side of the “stem.”  Everyone really liked these inclding the staff and they stayed up all semester.

Things Needed:

  • base paper (doesn’t have to black or flower shaped)
  • Cotton balls
  • Finger paint
  • green pipe cleaner
  • Gel pens
  • Lots of glue

Other Considerations: They take a while to dry especially if you are doing fifty.  This isn’t an overnight door dec.  Maybe you could sponge the “petals” on with the cotton balls.

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