Programming Ideas for February

Contents of this February Planning Page:

Issues Students May Face In the Month of February

As you plan your programs, keep in mind that there are “seasonal student issues” that you can program around. Keep these in mind as you determine what programs to offer. These may also help you identify issues your residents might be going through.


  • Anxiety about second semester performance begins since they did not do as well as expected the previous semester, and they have added pressure of doing well to be able to stay in school or to keep grades competitive with their peers.
  • Some students lose a loved one, a friend or significant other by death over the break and they find it hard to share the happiness and joy others experienced over the break.
  • Moving to a new environment causes feelings of intrusion because students move onto a unit where most of the friendships have been established, priorities set and expectations understood. Unfamiliarity with campus also creates some anxiety.
  • Money problems begin because students were unable to find jobs over the holiday break.
  • Post-holiday depression occurs at the beginning because students are away from the security and positive strokes.
  • Some students experience unwanted weight gains over the break with the holiday foods and home cooking.
  • Reincorporating social and academic life is difficult at first with not having to worry about school for an extended period.

Program Ideas & Links

Based on the above issues, here are some ideas for programming, some of which are linked to programs on the site.

Bulletin Boards

  • Winter Festivals Around the World (99k .zip file – MS Publisher 97) Information about winter festivals around the world.
  • Grad School (172k .zip file) Great bulletin board designed in Power Point with information about grad school, with common questions, costs and other information.
  • STD Board (Publisher and PDF Files) Informational and Eye-Opening Bulletin Board on STDs (this could be adapted for World AIDS month)
  • Final Exam Preparation Tips – (26k -MS Word)
  • How Far Would You Go for Junk Food – Good bulletin board to remind residents to watch food intake over the holidays. Gives caloric content of junk foods, along with the number of football field lengths one would walk to burn that many calories.
  • Stress Facts – (16k .zip file – MS Word) Facts about stress and things you can do to recognize it and relieve stress. Good for the high stress time in December surrounding final exams.

Programming Ideas

  • Spring break programming
  • Spring break photo display
  • Job hunting seminars
  • Exercise program
  • Post job bulletins
  • Safe sex, STD’s
  • Alcohol/rohypnol (date rape drug) awareness programs relating to spring break
  • Landlord/tenant rights programs
  • Contracts/legal documents program
  • Apartment hunting seminars
  • Skin care programs
  • Travel arrangement seminars


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