CROCK-A-DILLY: Group members form a circle sitting cross-legged with their hands on their knees – palms up (right hand should be on top of left hand of person next to you). Members sing the song as one person slaps the hand of the person to his/her left and so on. When the song gets to “eight,” the slapper tries to slap the slappee. If the slapper gets the slappee, the slappee is eliminated. If the slappee pulls his/her hand away without being slapped, the slapper is eliminated.

Lyrics: “Crock-a-dilly oh my crock, crock, crock;

Dancin’ to the trees goin’ trigga, trigga, trock;

Below, below, below, below, below, BE-LOW!;



“Quack didilly oso, quack, quack, qua-ack;

Saaaam a ric-o, rico, rico, rico;

Below-a, below-a, below-a-lo-a-lo-a;


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