I did this event last week and I considered it a huge success. It was simply a free cookies and milk party hosted in my apartment starting at 8pm on a Thursday. I wanted to have it in my apartment so it was convenient for my residents and because it was a relaxed environment. I also wanted to have it during the week, because I figured more people would be around and it was after dinner, hopefully it could be a study break.

To prep for this event, I made flyers and hung them up one week before my event. I hung these up around the stairs and on the first floor, outside every apartment. Next, in the two nights leading up to my activity I baked ~13 dozen cookies (I found some easy Snickerdoodle and M&M cookie recipes on pinterest and I just did the rip and bake Chocolate chip ones).

Throughout the week, I invited residents to the event. I sent out an e-mail reminder at the beginning of the week and the morning of.

Not only did I have the cookies and milk, but I had music playing and friends of mine playing Super Smash Brothers (an easy game for anyone to join). People showed up and seemed to have an enjoyable time.

**A little background about my community: I am an RA in an apartment complex and I am in charge of one building of 78 residents.

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