Get a bunch of free non-lubricated condoms from the health center and some cucumbers (bananas work too, but they get mushy).

Set up the first half of the program as a team sexual jeopardy. Ask questions about any and everything. Use any resources available to make up your questions. Instead of awarding points and finding a winner, give condoms for every correct answer. The second half of the program is a condom relay race. Events such as “putting a condom on a cucumber” points are awarded to whoever finishes the event first and correctly. Other events are a condom tug of war between the partners, who can blow the condom up the biggest, or whatever else . . .

ALSO, if you can get different kinds of condoms see which ones hold up the best when filled with marbles and such. When you run out of condoms, you’re done playing, so don’t allow everyone to participate in every event.

Make sure that you don’t give out false information, and have flyers on
safe sex and the extra condoms to give out when it’s all over

Bryanna Parr
Shaw Hall
Syracuse University

Here’s another version:


We had a professor from on campus come and help us out. We started with stupid trivia questions about male and female anatomy and about condoms. The questions were things that a typical person would not know. Who ever got the most questions right won a prize. The most right was nine out of twenty-two. Next we had the professor talk a little about the condom…proper steps to using one and such. And we then started the Olympic and fun part of it all. The Olympics consisted o three games. The first being the condom stretch. The residents were split up into teams and which ever team could stretch the condom down a broom handle the farthest was the winner. Measurements were taken and the winning team went about 33 inches. We then had the condom card race. Here the teams had to put cards in order. The cards consisted of all the steps of putting a condom on…and not one team got them right. And lastly we had the condom relay race. One person pretended they were the penis and each of the others had to put the condom on properly. Whomever was done first and done doing it properly, won prizes. The reason we decided to it this way was because giving a college student a lecture about proper usage never works because that is not what they want to hear, so we did it in a fun way. It was pretty successful!

Instructions/Things Needed:

A professor who can tell you about proper usage.
Brooms…all of same length to be fair.
A lot of condoms….
Prizes for all four different things.
Baby wipes….to clean hands, for some condoms have some nasty lubrication.
Trivia questions…make sure they are fun.

Other Considerations:

Well some of the professors on campus didn’t like our idea too much. They felt it was offensive. We really do not think that they understood what we were doing. So make sure and talk about to the professor also, just so they know! And advertise well, make the posters interesting…people will come!

Here’s another rendition of the same program


Just the title “Condom Olympics” gets people interested. First you must split the group into teams. This program is dependent on volunteers from the teams so you must get them excited to participate. I suggestnot telling the next event before you have volunteers picked. The program is pretty simple. All you need to do is come up with various events using condoms or other “safe sex” materials. Some events that we did were, the condom blow, the condom stretch, put the condom on the cucumber in the dark (for this you will need glow in the dark condoms), perform oral sex on the orange using dental dam, see who can think of the most ways to be intimate without having sex. Instructions/Things Needed:

Condoms, dental dams (I found this for free at the local planned parenthood, oranges, measuring tape (condom stretch), judges, prizes, lubricant (we ended by having a group hand orgy), cucumbers, facts on STD’s and safe sex (we gave a few facts between each event), we also demonstrated how to correctly put on a condom, glow in the dark condoms, pens and paper. Other Considerations:

This program was a big success. People had fun while getting educated
we did this program at the beginning of fall semester. It was fun to end
the program by doing a group hand orgy. The students got a kick out of it. The more you advertise this the better your turn out will be. We tried to be pretty secretive about what exactly condom olympics was, this made the residents even more curious and eager to check it out.

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