This swing dancing program was such a success at our school that it has been repeated four times within three semesters! Each time we contacted experienced swing dancers from a local dance studio, and brought them to our school to instruct about a one-hour dance lesson.
Everyone loved learning this reborn dance trend, especially the tricks like "fire in the hole,""the A-frame," and the trick in which the guy flips his girl into a backwards somersault. Some people came in pairs while others paired up once they arrived. Some eager participants
even danced alone, pretending that they had a partner, because they didn’t want the lack of a partner to keep them from learning this craze. After the lesson, we played swing music for the residents to practice by, and the instructors stayed to help out where they could.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Our hired instructors worked out a group rate, which was a lower price than paying by person. We advertised by sitting by a playing swing dance video in a main building. We sat by our signs and video with a sign-up sheet. Our signs were plastered with pictures of people swingin’. The sign-up sheet allowed us to tell the instructors how many people to expect, and let us collect phone numbers so we could call residents who signed up to remind them of the event. We also posted many signs, posters, e-mails, and even did some door-to-door advertising. Oh, and our program’s title "Come Shake Your Lovemaker," caught peoples’ eyes (it’s actually the title of a Cherry Poppin’ Daddy’s song).

Other Considerations:

Make sure people wear slippery shoes; if they don’t then they’ll have trouble doing the tricks (you have to be able to slide). Try to get people to warm up before the lesson starts to help prevent pulled muscles. I wanted to actually perform swing dancing in our residence hall courtyard and in a main building to advertise, but my partner was too shy to do it. Maybe you’ll find someone who likes to perform publicly and help you advertise this way. Having a swing costume contest would also be fun, as mentioned by someone else on this website. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions 🙂 -Jen Name: Jennifer Fogle, Janna Pursel, and Phil Pratt, Jr.
School: Pennsylvania College of Technology

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