Description: I did this both semesters right before class registration took place. This program that allows residents to share what classes they have really enjoyed and which ones they think their fellow students should avoid. Works especially well on floors where the residents are not all in the same class year.

Instructions, Things Needed:
Two large pieces of butcher paper
Markers (I distributed one to each room on the floor)

Other Considerations:
Hang them in an area that residents are likely to pass many times daily (near the bulletin board, etc.).
Start the ball rolling by listing a few classes on each list, although it’s probably best to focus on the positive and list more on the “Classes to Take” side.

Keep a close eye on the postings, as you will probably get a few vulgar comments, especially if you leave these hanging up over a weekend.
Don’t expect to get your markers back.

Loyola College

*Editor’s note… You may also wish to place a statement on this board emphasizing the fact that students need to work with their advisors to determine which classes they need to take.

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