Freshman Transition Program Description: I worked with a group of RA’s on this one… We really wanted to catch our residents’ attention with this program and make them really think about how their choices in college affect them now as well as their future. We each wrote a story (our story or a story of a close friend) basically covering our transition into college…all the mistakes we made along the way as well as the good choices…and how they have affected our lives. During the program we read each “anonymous” story to residents. When all the stories had been read, we told them that these were OUR stories to make it more personal to them. I think this also helped them feel more connected to us as RA’s, knowing that we’re human too. After reading the stories we talked to them a little while about the importance of choosing wisely, handed out a sheet with tutoring/academic success websites on it (as well as some motivational quotes) and then left the rest up to them.

Instructions/Things Needed: Your story (which requires you to be vulnerable)
a list of campus services (academic/tutoring/etc.)
motivational quotes

Other Considerations: We only had 4 stories for our program and it was a little short. I’d suggest either adding more stories or lengthening the discussion afterward. Also, the less you have to “read” the stories, the better!

Name: Desiree
School: University of Arizona

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