alcohol awareness, alcohol education Name: James Sobole
School: Central Washington University


The Century Club is a club that you get into by drinking 100 shots of beer, 1 a minute for 100 minutes. For this program you do the same thing except with pop. While you are waiting for the next shot, this is a good time to go over some facts about alcohol and its affects on your body.

Instructions/Things Needed:

You will need a few cases of pop, depending on how many residents you have at the program. You will also need a shot glass or something equivilant such as a small dixie cup for each participant. You may also want to give everyone a small garbage bag in case they decide to puke everything up half way through.

Other Considerations:

One thing to consider is to do this as an inter-hall program to get some competition involved in it, which makes it more like the real Century Club.

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