Women at Work


Each resident filled out a sheet stating her goals for the semester. I
collected the sheets and put them up on a bulletin board with a big
orange “CAUTION” sign and a big orange “WOMEN AT WORK” sign.

Instructions/things needed:
*orange construction paper
*computer and printer (or marker if you want to do it by hand)

It was a little […]

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Dawson’s 101


There was a special episode of Dawson’s creek in which a character comes out in an English class. The episode deals with how he and his friends dealt with it. I showed the episode, and had members of the Rainbow Alliance discuss their feelings. There was a […]

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Milk Drinking Contest

Description: This is kinda messy but VERY VERY fun. Depending on how many guys you have to sign up for the program, get a reasonable amount of milk from your dining hall. Anyway, time the participants and see how much milk they can drink in 1 […]

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Spring Break Ideas

Description: I was not able to go anywhere for spring break, and thought up some really cool ideas for other residents that were going to stay at home. Some of the ideas that I had were a camp-out in the basement complete with sleeping bags, […]

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I gathered up information on the internet about aromatherapy (i.e. what it is? The various scents and what they do for you and how to use the oils.) I went to a local earth store and bought some essential oils and other tools used in aromatherapy. I […]

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3 Course Meal

Description: The 3 Course Meal program is designed to teach residents about kitchen safey and meal preparation. This program is most useful in dorms where residents have access to a fully-functioning kitchen (refrigerator, stove, microwave, oven sink, cookware, etc).

Instructions: Find a chef on campus that is willing to come demonstrate cooking techniques while cooking […]

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Sex and the choices we make

I’ve used the following program several times with my freshmen residents and it provides them with important social interaction as well as a fun way to learn about STDs, pregnancy risk, etc. It goes something like this:

Get a group of about 20-30 residents together […]

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Junk Food Fest

Description: This is a good way to help residence get involved and also have all the junk food you can ask for in one night.

Instructions_Things_Needed: brownie mix
cookie mix
anything […]

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Elevator Survivor

Description: Two (or more) residents compete to see who can remain in the Elevator the longest. Your choice whether to vote-out or wait for quitters. Best done on a weekend or a night with nothing to do. To make it interesting, try challenges & competitions, […]

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Award Show Mania


This program can be done using any of the major awards shows as the topic such as the Oscars or the Grammy awards. A week before the award show is aired on TV, set up a bulletin board with a list of all the categories and nominees. Also include blank ballots and a place […]

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