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Ebola Res Life Resource Center

In an effort to facilitate informed discussion about this issue on residential college and university campuses, we decided to create an Ebola resource page and invite users to post your suggestions as well as resources from your campuses, educational initiatives, or other information.

According to health officials, the risk of contacting Ebola without direct and […]

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4,000,000 Visits. 400,000 Hours.

It is very exciting for me to be posting here on the brand new I started this site when I was an RA at Colorado State University in 1998. The idea then was to create a space that allowed Resident Assistants (RAs) and student housing professionals to share ideas and get resources to […]

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Cool People Wear Jumpsuits

It can be a challenge to balance customer service and directing behavior. In student housing, this rings especially true. A primary goal in student housing is to create a positive environment conducive to personal growth, social connections and academic success. In order to make this happen, policies and standards must be established and maintained […]

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