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Heart Transplant Exercise

Download Heart Transplant Activity (Word)

Hand out Experience
You are a member of a surgical team at the World’s Greatest Hospital. All the patients on your sheets MUST receive a heart transplant or else they will die. There are only TWO hearts available and YOU must decide, from your list, which two patients will be heart-donor recipients. […]

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Lost at Sea Lift Raft Exercise

Life Raft (Word Version)

Scene: Imagine that today, a cruise liner is sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. A serious storm has developed. The ship is struck by lightning, an explosion has occurred and the ship is sinking. Now all the survivors have to get into a life raft, which has room and food for only […]

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Frisbee Rope Group Activity

Needed:  Frisbee-rope contraption, small ball, and a cup (big enough to hold the ball)

Objective: Use communication and team work skills to move a ball from point A to point B.

The group uses the Frisbee-rope contraption to carry a ball from one point to another.  Then they must tilt the Frisbee to drop the ball […]

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Silent Puzzle – Group Activity

Needed: Puzzle pieces that form a square

Objective: Use nonverbal communication and teamwork to put a puzzle together. Group members are not allowed to talk to each other as they try to put the puzzle together. When finished, the puzzle will be in the shape of a square.

You have 6 Voicemails – RA Selection Activity

Needed: Cassette of messages, speakers, audio player (you can preload the audio onto a computer, ipad or phone), and paper & pencils for group

Objective: Use problem solving skills to prioritize phone messages.

The group will listen to 6 audio messages.  First, they will individually prioritize the phone messages.  Then everyone will discuss their answers with the […]

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Play Doh Diversity Game

Needed:  Play Doh-various colors

Objective:  Express “diversity” via using modeling compounds of different colors while utilizing teamwork/communication skills.

Group will use Play Doh to illustrate diversity by creating their interpretation of diversity.  The group will be given various colors of Play Doh and must explain their “creation” and how it relates to diversity.    The group must […]

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Marshmallow Gumdrop Tower

Needed:  Marshmallows, gumdrops, toothpicks

Objective:  Use nonverbal communication skills to build the highest tower possible that will remain standing for at least five seconds.

Group members will work together to build a tower.  One person in the group will not be allowed to talk.  One person will be blindfolded, and another will be unable to use […]

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Group Activity: Chocolate River

Chocolate River

Needed: “s’mores” (brown & white construction paper) and masking tape

Objective: Use teamwork skills to get whole team across the river without losing all of their “s’mores.”

The group must use the s’mores as stepping stones across a boiling hot chocolate river.  If a person steps off the “s’more”, the group loses the step.  […]

Community Ranking Exercise – RA Selection Activity

Community Issues Ranking Exercise 

 “The candidate group will be asked to rank order a list of events that might occur in a residence hall community based on the level of impact those events…”

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RA Trauma Time – Resident Assistant Selection Activity

“…Everyone should take 2-3 minutes to go through each category individually and rank the three situations as to which one they would deal with first, second, and third. Then as a group, they…”

Trauma Time – Facilitator Copy 

Carousel – Trauma Time 

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