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Tag Team Chariot Racing


Every good toga party needs a traditional event. Tag Team Chariot Racing is a team competition. You need enough pairs for as many floors there are in your dorm. For example: 5 floors, ten people, 1 pair per floor.


Holocaust Program

Name: Kristy
School: University of Washington


April has Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to honor this, two things can be done.
This year, we all gathered and watched Schindler’s List. This is a hard movie to watch, but I guarantee you will have a great discussion. We didn’t even have to work at it, people just started talking. […]

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Description: I did this program at the beginning of the year, but I think I should have waited until the middle of the first semester. I handed a list of all the residents out to everyone. Each person wrote one nice thing about every other person, and returned the sheets to me. I complied […]

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Lunchtime with the advocacy offices

Human Awareness, Social


Every Tuesday of the semester a different faculty memeber from the advocacy offices here at Colorado State will be coming in to eat lunch with residents in the halls. It will be an informal setting, and we hope to get residents more comfortable, and familiar with the different advocacy offices and the […]

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Notes of Kindness!

This program is very simple and requires minimal work from the RA! All you need are some writing utensils and sticky/Post-It notes.  While you are on desk duty let Residents know that you are trying to spread positivity throughout the residence hall and ask them to write a positive, uplifting, or encouraging note for […]

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    Components of Community

    click here for the Powerpoint file

    Christin B
    University of West Georgia

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    BYOB – Bring Your Own Bowl!


    Bring Your Own Bowl!!
    This title definitely catches resident’s attention! They’re reeled in and then they find out it’s an ice cream social! fun!

    Instructions/Things Needed:

    Provide the Ice Cream, toppings and […]

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    PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: Facilitator should cut a puzzle out of poster paper ahead of time. (There should be one piece for each member of the group.) Have participants decorate their piece to represent who they are and what they feel they can contribute to the group. Once participants are done, […]

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    Who is your neighbor

    Option 1 1. Residents will meet in one location.
    2. According to the size of the participants, you should split them up into teams, leaving one resident available to be questioned as the victim.
    3. Ask residents if they know the the victim. If they […]

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    DIY Christmas Gifts Event

    One of the things that I have learned since being an RA is just how challenging it could be to create successful events. I am in a location with mostly upperclassmen and it can be hard to get them to go to events. However, you have to really pay attention to what your […]

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