Social/Community Building

Going Home Dinner


This is best at either the beginning or end of a semester when people are most likely to be thinking about home. The idea is that everyone who is interested contributes a recipe for one of their favorite foods that they look forward to eating once they go back home- a family favorite if […]

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Trick or Treat Event and Door Decorating Contest


This has been done a bunch of times around campus and is a great idea! It works for us because we are in an urban setting. We invite children from a homeless shelter, or other organization, to Trick-or-Treat in the building. Residents sign up in advance and have candy ready for the children who, […]

Ice Blocking

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Name: Michael
School: University of Idaho


This program is a way for you just to get a bunch of residents together at the beginning of the year to get to know each other. First you get the ice blocks and get everyone together. You go to the top of a steep and grassy hill. You […]

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What do you really think?

Passive Program: (Bathroom stalls)

Description: In each bathroom stall, I put a up a piece of paper with a different question. The girls got to answer the question and comment on other’s answers.

Instructions/Things Needed: a good size piece of paper, a pencil, a string to tie the pencil in place with, tape, and questions.

Other Considerations: […]

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Poetry Reading


We invited residents to come to our lounge to read poetry: theirs or just poems they felt connected to. Poetry is such a great way to express yourself, and you don’t even have to be a poet to enjoy it! So all our residents had a fab time. We turned off the lights in […]

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Gutter Splits

Here at Appalachian State University we do this thing called “Gutter Splits” where you get a gutter from the hardware store and line it with tin foil. Then you fill it up with ice cream, bananas, chocoloate syrup, whipped cream, nuts…whatever you want…and then each resident gets a spoon and digs in! It’s an […]

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Beach Scene Party


We threw a beach party for residents as part of a “beating the winter blues” theme week. We had beach type music, food including tropical fruits, mocktails (nonalcoholic mixed drinks), and hot dogs cooked in the fireplace. There was also a costume contest for the best dressed for the Carribean. Another contest to consider […]

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Do it in the sand

Name: Nicole
School: Southwest Missouri State University


Do it in the Sand was a program used to promote recycling while having lots of fun. Students put colored sand into glass or plastic bottles to form some sort of sand creation. After the sand was put into the bottles, the students decorated the bottles with fuzzy balls, […]

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Beauty Care – Makeovers!


A representative from Mary Kay (a janitor of an area dormatory) is coming to show the residents the importance of make up and the ways to apply and the reason that each one works. She is given questionnaires about the skin types of the residents. Then she brings the appropriate materials. Nothing needs to […]

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Multicultural Food/Music Rooms


Each RA’s room will become a different cultural entity. For instance
The 3rd floor Ra’s may become rooms of European Nations. Each RA’s room will represent 1 or more nations within the European Continent. There will be food / music / art / other cultural aspects of each nation/culture. The residents that are participating will […]

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