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Roommate Game (Complete program with flyers)

Program Title: “The Roommate Game” or “The Newly Roommie Game”

This program is done in a game show format. It is inspired by the show “The Newlywed Game,” this program is a great way to promote positive roommate relationships and build community

Roommate Game Program with Questions (MS WORD)

Read an article on successful program planning


This program […]

Modeling Success

The “UC” Runway: Modeling Success


Fashion Show for Choosing Professional Attire for Interviewing: Students model attire Local clothing stores/retailers loan or donate clothing Use career services staff to help make recommendations for clothings selections and prepare show script Have student leaders or career services staff “mc” the event Provide advertisements and info. about retailers in […]

Pizza and Condom Party & "No Gluv, No Luv" Board

I started out the program with an fun informational bulletin board (See picture below). The bulletin board was humorous, but it also has symptoms of std’s and the phone number to the wellness center. Also around the board for the border, I taped (not stapled) condoms all the way around the board. (Those went […]

Oral Sex


This program is titled ORAL SEX. I presented this program in the middle of SAFE SEX WEEK. It was designed to just get information out there in a creative manner. This program is a fake orgasm contest. It requires four student judges. The judges rate the contestants on a scale from one to ten. […]

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Condom Olympics

Get a bunch of free non-lubricated condoms from the health center and some cucumbers (bananas work too, but they get mushy).

Set up the first half of the program as a team sexual jeopardy. Ask questions about any and everything. Use any resources available to make up your questions. Instead of awarding points and finding […]

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Eating Disorders Hit Home

Program: Eating Disorders hit Home


After realizing that our hall had several students with severe eating disorders we decided that a program would be appropriate. Instead of doing a lecture style program or just providing statistics, facts, and figures we contacted a local counseling service and asked if they knew anyone that would be willing […]

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