Personal Development

CPR Basics



To provide residents with the basics of CPR and first aid skills. School Health Center came out and taught CPR.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Have a CPR trained person as speaker
Food and drinks
Room to practice

Other Considerations:

Great program and important information for everyone to know.
A resident who attended said she had no previous experience with CPR but now she […]

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NBA Area Tour


Myself and another RA led a group of residents from the halls to the Palace of Auburn Hills in the fall. Home of the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Vipers, and many major concerts, our group not only got to see everything the […]

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Punch Out Stress


During finals, every gets stressed so I had a little study break. I bought punching balloons and tons of food. After blowing up the balloons, we all wrote what was stressing us out on them and then went crazy punching.

Instructions/Things Needed:


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Pizza and Your Personality

I had my residents take abridged Myers-Briggs personality tests before the program. I ordered pizza and we went over what each type means, and how to plan classes, majors, and future careers around that information. We also discussed which types we would most get along with. This sparked interesting roommate discussions and why everyone […]

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Scrapbook Your Homesick Blues Away

Description: To have an interesting program about homesickness and how to fight it, I had residents come to a “scrapbooking” program. I advertised that they should bring photos or scraps, and I bought supplies with hall council money, so I gave info about homesickness and how to fight it while we scrapbooked and the […]

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Bring in someone who has experience in the art of meditation, or if an RA knows how to, do it themselves to run a session on it.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Radio, music, candles, mats.
Someone familiar with meditation techniques

Other Considerations:

There are different kinds of meditations & mantra’s. Different people do it different ways. Name: Armando Bisceglia
School: Johnson & […]

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The Drinking Game

Program: The Drinking Game
Physical, Social/A Description:

This program was designed to give my residents information about the dangers of binge drinking without lecturing them. I made a life size gameboard to fit the commom area of my floor. Then, I compiled a list of about 120 questions within the topic of drinking. I did this […]

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Backwoods Backpacking

Description: I found that many of my guys on my floor were into outdoors activities. So I decided to set up a weekend trip where we would go backpacking and people who knew how would teach those who did.

Instructions_Things_Needed: First you need to call your campus outdoors service to see how much rentals are […]

Promoting Health and Wellness

Karen Levin Coburn is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Students and Associate Dean for the Freshman Transition at Washington University. Co-author of Letting Go: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years.

Q: Why should RAs be concerned about promoting health and wellness?

KLC: All college students have to deal with stress-both academic and social. Unfortunately, […]

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Take Care of YOU!

In the madness of college life, especially life as an RA, it is all too easy to forget to pay attention to one thing; YOURSELF! We spend so much time in meetings, programs, conflict mediations, late night conversations… the list goes on and on. The amount of time spent caring ourselves is so important, […]

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