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It’s Not Easy Being Green… Or Is It?


I designed this program after attending a few RA conferences. I realized that there aren’t programs for students who aren’t having sex or who are virgins.

The format of the program–

students enter […]

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Spirituality and the Movies

Learn that through movies, music, etc. . . you can be spiritual without going to church or having to believe in any religion. The purpose is to get students talking and thinking about spirituality.

The idea is to use the movie selections to discuss these points about […]

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Smoking Cessation Bulletion Board That Works!

This bulletin board is designed to present the idea that smoking is bad for a guy’s health in a way that the residents have not heard before. Smoking can lead to impotence! It is designed to open up their eyes and think about the […]

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Stress Relievers

Name: Tisha Gioviannia
School: culver-stockton college


We made stress relievers out of balloons filled with flour.
If made correctly they work like stress balls and will last a long time.

I had some really great feedback from my residents.


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The Names Project AIDS Quilt

Description: After volunteering at The Names Project in San Francisco for a day, I was humbled by the experience of working directly with the world-renowned AIDS Quilt. I thought it would be a great idea to have my residents come together and make our own panel […]

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Violence and Video Games


When I was a RA I did this program and it worked out surprisingly well. The basic concept was to have several game systems from the Atari of the 80s to the playstation of today. as i showed a game on each system, i discussed with the […]

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Beating Body Blues


During the month prior to the program, I placed pictures of women with eating disorders and body image and the statements they made. Then we discussed body image issues, like what triggers self deprecating statements. We also touched on media […]

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Trivia Night – Received Very Well

This program was received very well by my residents and was full of energy the whole time. The residents were asked split into teams of three, making six teams ( but that is up to you) and asked several trivia questions. I picked a variety of questions but most evolved on common knowledge, unique […]

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Q Alcohol and drug abuse. This is a difficult topic, but one that needs to be looked at by all RA’s. How can an RA effectively have an impact with these types of situations?

A. Be a positive role model. Once you are an R.A. everyone knows it and you carry the R.A. position with […]

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Feeling Stressed?


bring in a massage therapist and have him/her teach you massage techniques to de-stress yourself and others. this is a Great program to do during finals because everyone is tired and tense and it’s a great way to relax, even if it is only for an hour or so but it really helps when […]

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