Personal Development

Interviewing Tips

Description: I had one of my Education professors (who is a retired Principal) come in and give a out interviewing tips for any type of interview! He had a handout and students had lots of questions from how to look to whether or not you should negotiate salaries!! This is a great way to […]

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Sexual Taboo


3 student health advocates came and we played the game of sexual taboo (taboo but sex questions). In between questions they would demonstrate and discuss different health and sex issues. I served food too. We had an awesome turnout and it was so much fun, lots of […]

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Nap Time

We each got a partner and used various massage techniques (a therapist isn’t needed) talked a bit about aromatherapy, and did a relaxation technique where you tense up all the muscles in the body and release them. then we took about a 25 min nap while some relaxing music was […]

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One Last Drink


I covered my bulletin board completely with alcohol ads and left it up for a week. My residents were thinking it was cool, until I finished it by putting up a banner above it that said "One Last Drink" and […]

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Century Club

alcohol awareness, alcohol education Name: James Sobole
School: Central Washington University
The Century Club is a club that you get into by drinking 100 shots of beer, 1 a minute for 100 minutes. For this program you do the same thing except with pop. […]

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Lunchtime with the advocacy offices

Human Awareness, Social


Every Tuesday of the semester a different faculty memeber from the advocacy offices here at Colorado State will be coming in to eat lunch with residents in the halls. It will be an informal setting, and we hope to get residents more comfortable, and familiar with the different advocacy offices and the […]

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The Bystander & Taking Action!

Through some minor acting, videos and an interactive presentation, participants are introduced to The Bystander Effect. In addition examples of various scenarios are presented via video content opening to facilitator lead debrief and discussion. Students are invited to take a Pledge To Action at the end. I suggest candy to encourage audience participation and general […]

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Chase away the back to school blues Olympics

Name: Kaitlin
School: Allegheny College


We held 4 made up Olympic competitions. 1 – most elaborate bogus (but believable) essay one a given topic (not one that anyone on the hall really knows about). 2 – made dash to the study lounge from the […]

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Eating Disorders

NOTE: Remember that with eating disorders or any other resident concern, you need to communicate with your supervisor about the situation. YOu are not a trained counselor, and it is not good for you or for your resident to try and handle this alone.

Q. Eating disorders plague a huge number of college students, mainly […]

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Tattoo and Piercing Awareness

Tattoo and Piercing Awareness


Held a little before Spring Break. We invited a well known local tattoo artist and piercer in to explain a little about what to look for when getting a tattoo or piercing. He explained the safety issues […]

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