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Food for the soul

Eliot 4 Food For the Soul

Description: In order to get residents to start having those conversations about diversity and background once again, I decided to post some seemingly bold statements around my floor with a pen to allow residents to respond and share their thoughts. This way, they do not feel burdened by another […]

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College Movies Bulletin Board

Description: I put up a cute bulletin board to welcome the students. I found images from famous college movies, like Animal House and Road Trip. Then, I typed up a description of each movie, and whether or not it depicted college life accurately.

Instructions, Things Needed:
Movie pictures (from magazines, the internet, or even photocopied off […]

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Pizza and Condom Party & "No Gluv, No Luv" Board

I started out the program with an fun informational bulletin board (See picture below). The bulletin board was humorous, but it also has symptoms of std’s and the phone number to the wellness center. Also around the board for the border, I taped (not stapled) condoms all the way around the board. (Those went […]

Cancer Awareness

Description: I posted information on Breast Cancer Awareness. I used facts, myths, and other interesting statistics. I found all of my information on I put all of the information on cut out hearts and had LARGE pink breast cancer ribbons in the corners for decortaion. In the middle of the board it said […]