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Have a nice day bulletin Board


This is a great bulletin board idea to motivate your residents and to create a sense of community.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Write the names of your residents on an index card and punch a hole in the middle on the top. Staple the cards to your bulletin board so they make a pocket with the top open. […]

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Love Yourself- Eating Disorder Awareness Bulletin Board

Description: Love Yourself – Eating Disorder Awareness

Instructions: I wanted to do something that focused on Eating Disorder Awareness and V-Day…

I took V-day fabric and covererd one of our smaller boards. I then went online and printed off related pictures/poems ext. I also contacted ANAD and got some materials from them and our health center.

I […]

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First Year Survival Guide to Finals

This survival guide contains tips and tricks for finals and the last week of classes. As first year students in college, some do not understand the multitude and stress that s involved with this time of the semester. I created this with the intent for first years, but it may be used for returning […]

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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Starting on Sunday I gave them a task to complete that revolved around a Random Act of Kindness. Ideas can be found everywhere (google, pinterest, and other websites). An example is, WRITE YOUR FAVORITE QOUTE ON A PIECE OF PAPER and SLIDE IT UNDER SOMEONE’S DOOR ON YOUR FLOOR.

Attached picture […]

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    Mom’s Fridge

    Description: Encourage academics on your floor! Mom’s Fridge is a way to promote good grades and for people to show off a bit too. Make a large fridge on white roll paper, ( i like the old fashion simple freezer on top rounded off fridges…) and label it moms fridge. Make some sort of […]

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    Make S’more Friends

    Encourage residents to Make S’more Friends – give each suite or room a box filled with either marshmallows, chocolate bars, or graham crackers. Residents have to go meet a few of their neighbors if they want to make a complete s’mores! Residents then microwave s’mores in the kitchen or in their rooms.



    Mini hershey’s bars, flat square marshmallows, […]

    Residents of the Week

    Name: Tanisha James
    School: Queens College

    Three residents each week are chosen at random. Each resident completes a short humorous questionaire. The RA for the resident offers a quote about the resident and these papers are posted in the lobby for all residents to enjoy.

    Instructions/Things Needed:

    Awesome residents

    Other Considerations:

    Either choose residents completely at random or have a […]

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    Package Party


    Send a letter home to the parents of each resident asking them to send a package to the RA for their son/daughter. Everyone loves to get packages at school so send something special and the whole floor will open them together.

    Instructions/Things Needed:

    Money for stamps and envelopes

    Other Considerations:

    Make sure to tell the parents not to […]

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    Cultural Surprise


    I sent letters to all of my residents’ parents explaining that I wanted to do a cultural program on my floor. The letter asked each of the parents to send me a symbol, along with a brief description, of what this symbol means to their child’s culture. I stated how important it was for […]

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    Hidden Beatles Theme


    For 2nd semester I did a Beatles theme, but no one new it before hand.  I made one doortag for each room that represented a Beatles song and told the residents at our first floor meeting that they all had something in common and whoever could figure out what that was and determine what […]

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