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I went online and pulled out 15 riddles, some easy, some nearly impossible. Then I posted them all over the floor on a Sunday night. The first resident to turn in all 15 answers by Friday, or the resident with the most correct answers on Friday, got a free pizza (donated after one phone […]

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The ABC’s of Dreams

Description: On your board make a big title that says DREAMS. I cut mine out in blue and glued the letters on yellow. Then use a dream dictionary (sometimes the library will have one) and for every letter of the alphabet pick out one thing and write it on construction paper with it’s meaning. […]

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Ways To Show You Care Bulletin Board

List of ways to show others you care about them:


suppport them through difficult times
do things that they like to do
spend time with them
attend sports and performance events in which they are a participant
call them for no reason
be happy to see them
check on them when they are sick
be honest
remember their birthday
give hugs
leave them surprises
be honest […]

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What do you really think?

Passive Program: (Bathroom stalls)

Description: In each bathroom stall, I put a up a piece of paper with a different question. The girls got to answer the question and comment on other’s answers.

Instructions/Things Needed: a good size piece of paper, a pencil, a string to tie the pencil in place with, tape, and questions.

Other Considerations: […]

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Bored Board

Name: Alex B
School: Colorado State University


This is a simple program. Just print out a list of things to do around
your campus. Many people get bored because they don’t know what’s around them. Here is my list;

Rock climbing
Jet skiing
White water rafting
Tree climbing
Bird watching
Roller Hockey
Tai Chi
Hop Scotch
Sight seeing
Boulder hopping
Climb Horsetooth Rock
Frisbee Golf
Frisbee Football
Card games
Sun tan
Listen to a […]

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World’s Largest Crossword

World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle


This is simple, make a huge crossword with the names of all of the residents in the hall. Place it in the lobby with markers attatched.Name: Hill
School: University of Wyoming

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Internet Addiction/Internet Dating

Description: To address the growing issue of internet addiction on college campuses, all of the RA’s on campus did similar bulletin boards and shared information. We put up symptoms of addiction, quizzes, general information, websites to visit, where to get help, ideas for alternatives to the internet for free time, etc. Because it is […]

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Stall Academics

To encourage my women to improve their study skills, I posted internet articles in all of the bathroom stalls. The articles dealt with studying, relaxation, taking notes, processing information, etc. This works well because you have a captive audience!!

Lindsay W
Wardall 2, Illinois Street Residence Halls
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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On Your Way Out

On Your Way Out Description: It was the last few weeks of school and we had to do our final bulletin board. So I wanted to do something cute for my girls so I made each of them a suitcase with their names on it. And then i just put up a sign saying […]

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Classes to Take, Classes to Skip

Description: I did this both semesters right before class registration took place. This program that allows residents to share what classes they have really enjoyed and which ones they think their fellow students should avoid. Works especially well on floors where the residents are not all in the same class year.

Instructions, Things Needed:
Two large […]